Event Guardian Angel Planner, LLC

The short story to Event G.A.P. and what we do...

​Event Guardian Angel Planner's mission is inspiring human potential by providing the keys to inner growth and following your heart; and helping professionals who do the same to use online marketing effectively without sounding like a sales pitch and losing track of their purpose and the needs of those they seek to help.

​We do this through online content and coaching, online courses and events.

Online Marketing

​Assist entrepreneurs with creating harmony in their online marketing to stay true to their heart and voice, and not lose their target audience to a sales pitch​.

Inspiring Human Potential - Inner Growth

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“​Our potential rises to the unimaginable. To inspire, live life, and favor human growth.”

Maria Florio (aka FNM, luna12780)

Our Latest Project

The Inner Growth Mindset Insights of The Day and Inspiring Stories on the Inspiring Human Potential podcast and blog dedicated to being yourself!

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