Event Guardian Angel Planner, LLC was active from 2011-2024. The Articles of Dissolution were filed on April 2, 2024, dissolving Event Guardian Angel Planner, LLC.

Event Guardian Angel Planner, LLC was known as the parent (umbrella) company of all the online businesses/sites and content that Maria Florio has created and continues to create, including the Inspiring Human Potential website, blog, podcast, and membership site, among others; as well as, the online courses and events that inspire human potential, such as the Inner Growth Program and Don’t Lose Your Voice To A Sales Pitch.

The online presence of Event Guardian Angel Planner, the company name, logo, Event G.A.P., and site remain online as part of Maria Florio’s inspiring human potential story and origins, and continue to lead visitors back to inspiring human potential’s mission and online content; but Event Guardian Angel Planner, LLC is no longer the parent (umbrella) company or an active company.

Maria Florio continues with the mission of inspiring human potential by providing the keys to inner growth and following your heart; and helping professionals who do the same to use online marketing effectively without sounding like a sales pitch and losing track of their purpose and the needs of those they seek to help.

She does this through our online content, online courses and events that explore the inner growth journey, mindset and lifestyle; what it means to follow your heart; how it brings forth your higher potential; and how this inner growth mindset eventually leads to you unlocking your infinite human potential.

For the online marketing services she provides those through online content, online courses and consulting it’s all about creating the harmony you need to stay true to your heart and voice, and not lose your target audience to a sales pitch.